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 Faculty/Staff (WAH)
Welcome to the UW-River Falls Faculty/Staff (Work at Home) WISC Software Store

This page lists Microsoft WAH (Work At Home) Software media available for personal purchase by Faculty and Staff and licensed under the terms of the current Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions.

Work at Home (WAH) software can only be used for work-related purposes by the faculty or staff person purchasing the software. Any other use constitutes a violation of our Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions.

This is not the page for Faculty or Staff personal purchase of Microsoft Student Select license and media sets. If you want to purchase Student Select software, go the WISC home page then select your campus from the "Faculty/Staff (Personal Sales)" drop-down.

  • Microsoft Work At Home (WAH) media may be used by the primary user of a school-owned computer to install the same software they're using at work on a personally-owned computer for work-related purposes.
  • Users are not licensed to use the WAH-licensed product at home for personal use.
  • You will be required to remove the Software from your home computer if the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions is not renewed or if your employment by your institution ends.

Below are products available for purchase by all UW-River Falls faculty and staff. To purchase any products below please use the "Order Products" button on the sidebar to the left.