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 Faculty/Staff (Personal Sales)
Microsoft Student Select for Personal Use


Faculty, staff, and students employed by or attending a University of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Technical College System school can purchase software with personal funds for personal use under our Microsoft Student Select Agreement. The purchaser will own the license and media. The license is perpetual, which means that you will have the right to use the software at the purchased version forever. You can only purchase one copy of each title.

This software:

  • Can only be installed on your home or portable computer.
  • Can not be installed on institutionally-owned or leased computers.
  • Can not be modified, resold, rented, leased, sublicensed, or loaned.
  • Can not be given as a gift or purchased for another individual.
  • Can be installed twice with the key you receive when you purchase. The second install is for reinstalling after a hard drive failure, and does not give you the right to install and use on two computers at a time.

The UW's Microsoft Select contracts, under which we are able to offer Student Select licenses and media, are renewed every three years.

Upgrade Protection:

There is no upgrade protection included with the purchase of a Microsoft Student Select license. If a new version is released and you want to use it, you will have to purchase a new license and media set.

Home Use:

Microsoft Student Select licenses are for home use only. They may only be installed and used on computers that you own.


When you purchase a Microsoft Student Select license, you own the right to use the software forever at the purchased version.

Additional Information:

Windows operating system license/media sets offered through Microsoft Student Select are for upgrade only. You must first have licensed a qualifying operating system for your personal computer or workstation. For a list of qualifying operating systems, please refer to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Product List.

Any faculty, staff, or student who is a full or part time employee is eligible to purchase. Products are sold online only at the WISC site using a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) and delivered via USPS w/Delivery Confirmation -or- UPS to your home address.