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Adobe Technical Support

Use the following links to find the system requirements for the various applications available in the new Adobe license. You'll also find further information about the applications and links to appropriate documents at various web sites.

http://adobe.studentlicensing.com Is the link to go to for installation problems, questions regarding
coupon code, or misplaced serial #. Click on "FAQ/Contact Us" for complete Q&A.

Additional Technical Support

Additional Notes/Known Errors

How To Obtain Free Installation Support and/or Receive Replacement Media

How to Obtain a Receipt for your Student Order

How Many Installs are Allowed for Adobe Student Products

Adobe Customer Service Telephone Number: 800-833-6687

I've purchased and received the wrong product, what do I do?

How to Obtain Installation Key

How to Upgrade Adobe Software Purchased in the Post-Announce Upgrade Period