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Creative Cloud for Mac or Win S&TE 12-Month Subscription & Download NO RETURNS

Part#: 65396
Price: $234.00
Just like every other store that sells software,
WISC has a NO RETURN policy.

Check system requirements before ordering.
Most of the software we sell is platform-specific
make sure you order for the correct platform (Mac or Win).
Software cannot be returned or exchanged.

Product Overview
System Requirements
Product Information

Product Overview
System Requirements
Product Information
This product is a 12-month subscription, which means that after 12 months you will either need to renew your subscription or stop using it.

If you want to lock in the price for additional years, just order more copies of this item (you'll have to place a new order for each additional one you buy). When you get your code, log in at https://creative.adobe.com/educard with your Adobe ID and enter the code -- another year will be added to your subscription.

Within one hour of your purchase of this product from WISC, you will receive an email with your product code and directions for download. No physical media will be sent to you.

Creative Cloud FAQ: http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/faq.edu.html