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Any full- or part-time student at a Wisconsin Technical College System campus taking courses for credit in all aid codes except 42, 47, and 60 as described in the current Educational Services Manual is eligible to purchase and use the software distributed through WISC. The online ordering system will verify each user's eligibility based upon last name, ID number and campus affiliation. Your campus provides WISC with eligibility information, and is the final arbiter of any eligibility issues.

All users must certify that they meet the above criteria. They also must agree to adhere to the various product licensing agreements.

If you mail in your order form, WISC cannot process it unless you are eligible to purchase when we receive it. If you are not eligible when WISC receives your order form, we will return it to you.

Some software sold on WISC includes a perpetual license. If a student leaves the Technical College System, they will own the rights to use the software perpetually at the purchased version.

Some software sold on WISC includes a limited-term subscription. If a student leaves the Technical College System during the term of the subscription, they will own the right to use the software until the subscription expires.

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please check the FAQ or email wiscsales@doit.wisc.edu